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Stonegate Services provides professional services for distressed homeowners to qualify and apply for a suitable loan modification program.

Our standard modification service was developed to work on your behalf with banks, lenders and mortgage companies. We have the know-how, relationships and experience to negotiate in this area, so that we can successfully provide you with an affordable settlement that will meet your needs. When negotiating with a lender, we use our vast experience to convince them why it is in their best interest to work with our clients and avoid foreclosure. Our Anti-Foreclosure Division can step in at the last minute to arrange for a postponement of a Trustee sale.

The goal with each client is to put homeowners in a position to repay their loans. With the assistance of Stonegate Services we can help people like you improve their credit score and keep their homes.

Our firm can take over the negotiations for you, relieving you of the stress and headaches associated with such an important task. It will provide you with the time and peace of mind to meet your obligations and revised payments in a timely fashion.

A home is the most important investment most of us will make in our lifetime. Stonegate Services and its team of licensed professionals can help protect your investment and put you and your family back on the path to financial stability.